Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of School 2011-12

First Day of School 2011-12

We had a fun first day of school.  We began on Labor Day since Daddy could be home with us on that day.  We spent the day doing some traditional things and then did a light day of school work.  Then we ended the day with a yummy cookout at my parent's house.  If only every school day could end that way! 
We began with an "All About Me" sheet that we used to record their height, weight, favorite things, things they learned to do over the summer, aspirations for the school year, etc.  It was funny listening to their responses. I also included an 8x10 collage of pictures from the summer for each of their binders.  My plan is to do the same at the end of the school year and compare the two.

Daddy measuring them for their "All About Me" page.
I have created "Meeting Book" binders for Mason and Addie.  I'll have to do a post about that soon but basically it has our calendar, weather graphs, their daily schedules and any other daily routine sheets we use.  We let them decorate the front of their binders.

For lunch, we picnicked outside.  But between the wind and our big hairy beast of a dog we had to fight to keep the food on our plates!

Then, we dressed the kids up and went outside for some pretty pictures.  We did our best to include Lilly but she wasn't in the mood for pictures. 

It was a fun day!  I think we will continue these traditions.  The kids were so excited about starting school.  I think they thought every day would be this fun. :-)

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