Sunday, September 18, 2011

Home+Schooling: Embracing the Madness

Mason working on an addition folder game.

Well, school is going pretty well.  Pretty well considering I'm not getting out of bed at a decent time in the morning because I'm up a lot at night and we stop about a bagillion different times during the day to change a diaper or two, feed a baby, clean up one of Annabelle's destructive whims, or just take a break because Mama needs to collect her sanity.  Sound like chaos?  It is!  But actually it is good chaos.  I'm learning not to fight it. We are HOMEschooling.  It's school and life all mixed together and that's okay!  Actually, that's ideal it just takes perspective to remember it.  I'm such a type A, schedule-oriented person that it can feel like we are failing when we are actually succeeding.  God has nudged me more than once this week to show me how much the kids are learning despite the un-foiling of my so-called plans.  Those are cool moments!

We are two weeks into our school year with a second grade ping pong ball, kindergarten jitterbug, nearly two-year old hurricane, and an eight-week old sweet pea that doesn't like to be put down... ever.  I want to take the opportunity here to thank Fisher Price for their wonderful Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing that has swung now three of my children and a couple of baby cousins.  It has been such a blessing for a baby with pretty irritating reflux.  Some of our best schooling is done with the repetitive swinging noise in the background.  Anyway, the past two weeks have been busy and hectic but so much fun!  I'll be posting soon about the curriculum we are using this year but as a teaser let me just say we are LOVING science!  Until then, enjoy some pictures!

It's hard to tell but that creation is Stonehenge.
We are using our dining table more this year and it has been a good switch.
"The Hurricane"
"Sweet Pea" and don't let this photo fool you.  She didn't stay there.

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